Inspiration from a Piazza in Italy

If it only took money and new construction to build Ideal Cities, we would have had them long ago. It is the method and mindset behind what, where, and how we build that structures our daily routine and ultimately influences how much growth, happiness, and evolution we gain in this lifetime.

Each day, we try to accomplish our goals. There are some things in the environment that help us, there are some things that obstruct us. The more crowded, expensive, and polluted a city is, the more difficult it is for each citizen to reach their full potential. 

The concept of a city as only a place for action and accomplishment needs to be complemented by buildings, public spaces, and activities that connect us back to ourselves, nature, and each other. 

Real estate, when properly designed, has the ability to expand one’s consciousness. The other day, I was in the Piazza della Republica in Florence, Italy. As I entered the piazza, the beauty and the proportion of the space instantly changed my mood. I felt the joy of togetherness and being part of something bigger. I felt more inspired and expanded. Why? Because buildings create spaces, and these spaces resonate with our physiology through our sensory experience of the world. They either uplift us or they don’t.  

The Ideal Village concept, as described in the newly released book Enlightened Real Estate, takes into account all the avenues of life – inner and outer - to create a unique, evolutionary experience. The Ideal Village supports every level of life from one’s deepest desires to their outward expression in the world.