Jonathan Lipman, A.I.A.

Jonathan Lipman, A.I.A. is the Director of the Maharishi Vastu consulting service for the U.S., the Caribbean, and Canada. He is North America’s leading practitioner of Maharishi Vastu architecture and urban design. He has been practicing this nourishing system of design since 1996 and has worked on hundreds of Vastu projects, both buildings and community plans. He is an award-winning architect and a New York Times-praised author. He has guest lectured at Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Universities, as well as the Smithsonian Institution, the National Building Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

Mr. Lipman designs sustainable homes, commercial and multifamily buildings, and communities using the principles of Maharishi Vastu architecture. Focused on sturdy, long lasting construction, Jon integrates an array of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies as well as non-toxic materials to minimize the project’s impact on the Earth.

About Vastu:

The science of vastu architecture is the most ancient and complete system of architecture and planning. Focusing on the underlying proportion, placement, and orientation of communities and buildings, the principals of vastu are universal and can be applied to any architectural design style worldwide. At its core, vastu architecture connects individual life to the holistic value of nature’s intelligence. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s restoration of the knowledge and practicality of vastu for the modern world is referred to as Maharishi Vastu or vastu throughout the book Enlightened Real Estate.