A new direction for real estate focused on the next generation lifestyle.

Barry B. Scherr, successful Real Estate Investor and Transcendental Meditation Teacher, presents a new vision for the built environment in his upcoming book, Enlightened Real Estate. This books explores the mindset that has created the car-­based, impersonal built environment, and offers a new enlightened blueprint for the reconstruction of buildings, towns, and cities that will both inspire its citizens as well as create tremendous economic opportunity.

Mr. Scherr explores the relationship between real estate and daily life – saying that many buildings, cities, and towns need to be reconstructed to further serve the needs of a population interested in a more evolutionary, relaxing, healthy, and environmentally­-friendly lifestyle. He also introduces a new asset class – the Ideal Village – which is a solution to most of the challenges of daily life that are creating the lifestyle illnesses of our time. By utilizing the universal knowledge of vastu architecture, along with planning clues from the antique European city centers, and high-­tech solutions of the future, we can envision a daily routine and a world that helps us evolve and flourish. Enlightened Real Estate brings people together in structures that reflect the most profound aspect of human nature, thus counteracting the isolated lifestyle created by the internet and modern technology.

“This book creates a framework for everyone involved in real estate – from homeowners to developers and mayors to planners­ to rethink “why” our buildings, cities, and towns look the way they do,” said Mr. Scherr. “It also presents a new vision for the potential of real estate to help people improve their daily routine, reduce stress, traffic, and pollution, and ultimately gain the time needed to focus on more meaningful priorities like interpersonal relationships and enlightenment.” The book redefines real estate as a catalyst for developing consciousness, health, and happiness, while helping our relationships and economy prosper.

The Author spent over twenty years in the commercial real estate business, specializing in commercial sale-­leaseback transactions with some of the biggest companies in retail and hospitality, such as Accor, IngramMicro, Best Buy, and PetSmart. He is also a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program, and has created this book as a bridge between the real estate industry, emerging lifestyle trends, and the development of consciousness. Noted architect, Jonathan Lipman, AIA, contributed a comprehensive chapter about how to build vastu homes and Ideal Villages.

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