Enlightened Real Estate Design & Development

"We need a new intention for the built environment, one in which real estate functions as a catalyst for the health, happiness, and ultimately enlightenment of its inhabitants."

Building enlightened real estate starts with perfect planning and design, followed by exceptional execution and guidance by an expert team. We bring the missing element to community design - a reliable way to create nourishing influences to the lives of its citizens by thinking holistically about a healthy daily routine and their personal, spiritual, and professional goals.


This is possible because this system increases coherence in the individual by aligning the layout of homes and communities to the influences of the sun, moon, and North and South Poles, as well as providing the amenities they need to quickly and joyfully go about their day. The principles of Vedic city planning are ancient and time-tested. 

What are the key elements?

• Site Selection 

• Right Orientation 

• The Grid 

• Proper Placement

• Layout with Silent Center–Brahmasthan 

• The Boundary - Marking the Vastu 

• Vedic Measurements and Proportions 

• Modular Master Plan System 

• Piazzas and Common Areas for Connecting with Neighbors

• Walkability and Clean Transportation

• Materials and Technologies in Harmony with Nature

For more information, contact us. Our Enlightened Real Estate Development team is looking forward to collaborating with you on your project. 

These photos are examples of homes, buildings, and communities built with this system around the world.